Flat Roofing Services in The Augusta Area

Flat roofing is different from traditional roofs that are a bit sloped to let rainwater fall off. The flat roof approach is commonly taken by commercial property owners but that does not mean you cannot have a flat roof on your residential home. They're incredibly good value for money as they are hard-wearing and easy to replace. With advanced technology and expertise, VanGuard Pro Services has come to the point where we made leaky flat-roofing systems a thing of the past, and a flat room can now last up to twenty years or more.

If you are interested in flat roofing systems for your home, don’t hesitate to contact VanGuard Pro Services today at 706-920-5010. We are proudly serving in fairfax, cayce, saluda, sparta, and more across our service area.

Features of a Flat Roofing System

  • Quick Flat Roof Installation - the construction process is steady and fast
  • Durability - well-constructed flat roofs are long-lasting
  • Easy to Repair Flat Roofs - easy and cheaper repair costs compared to other roofing systems
  • Easy to Clean Flat Roofing Systems - a flat roof is easier to reach than others, thus it’s easier to clean
Flat Roof VanGuard Pro Services

Types of Flat Roofs Available from VanGuard Pro Services

Rubber Membrane

The benefits of an EPDM rubber membrane flat roof are that it can be easily installed, environmentally friendly, and offers superior resistance against storms and harsh weather. Are you fed up with hard-to-find leaks that result in expensive roof repairs? The biggest advantage of using this type of roofing for your flat roofs is that the rubber roof membranes have a long life expectancy and will serve you for many years to come. Simply fit it and forget it!

  • Black-EPDM - Attracts the sun’s solar energy-reduces heating costs
  • White-TPO - Reflects the sun’s solar rays –reducing cooling costs
Modified Bitumen

Roofs installed with the bitumen approach have a longer-lasting material that can easily last around 20 years and even more. The fact that the seams are heat-melted together significantly helps stop roof leaks. Additionally, they have a high-tensile force making them resistant against cracks. Furthermore, these types of materials are tested and rated against strong winds, fire, and hail, offering proper protection for your home.

Kemper Systems

A fully adhered single-ply .060 millimeter rubber membrane roofing system or a T.P.O. heat-welded rubber roofing system installed by our factory-trained experts will give you the confidence to know your home and family are protected for many years to come.

  • Resistant to UV Rays and Chemicals
  • Self-Terminating and Self-Flashing
  • Highly Durable
  • Superior Protection Against Natural Elements and Moisture

Think of VanGuard Pro Services, When You Think of Flat Roofs in The Augusta Area

In addition to the protection provided by flat roofing systems, it can also be easily modified to install a skylight or roof-mounted A/Cs, a great way to utilize the extra space!

Each of the options presented here works best in certain circumstances depending on environmental conditions, moisture levels, how frequent storms visit, and more. Call us today at 706-920-5010 to discuss which option is the right for your home.

Why Augusta Homeowners Choose Us!
  • Dec 26th, 2020

Professional and efficient work by Buddy and his crew. He immediately knew from looking that my gutter was not hung properly and that was causing the terrible overflow issue. He had it repaired and cleaned out super fast. Enjoyable to work with. I’ll work with them again. Trust Buddy and Vanguard Pro Services.

  • Jun 10th, 2020

I want to thank Buddy and his team for doing an immaculate job!! Everyone was polite and knowledgeable. The job was completed before the scheduled date and I will be recommending him and this company to family and friends For all gutter work! Thanks again!

  • May 14th, 2021

Very professional business! Promotes safety on the job. On time every time! Answered my questions to my satisfaction. Stayed in communication with text messages and emails for appointment changes due to weather, etc. The crew did a good job and cleaned up afterwards. Very professional documentation. Reasonably priced within market costs compared to competitors for this area. I recommend Vanguard to anyone needing new or replacement gutters and screens.


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